Front Overhead Jeep Molle Panel Storage System for the Wrangler JL, JLU Unlimited and JT


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Our front overhead Jeep molle panel storage system for the Jeep Wrangler is compatible with the 2018 – 2020 2 Door JL, 4 Door JLU Unlimited and JT Gladiator!

With storage at a premium in the Jeep Wrangler line, this overhead molle panel with increase your storage capacity.  The Jeep molle panel uses the standard “MOLLE” system, also known as PALS. This system allows you to attach molle bags, molle pouches, and even strap things to it.

There is a massive array of molle products to fit any of your storage needs and because of that, pricing for molle bags, pouches and other accessories are fairly inexpensive.

We use this front overhead panel on our JLU Rubicon for storage of things we try and keep readily available at all times while offroad.

The configuration we use, our front overhead Jeep molle panel has a molle pouch for our handheld radio that we can quick grab for spotting others. It also has a molle pouch containing our main flashlight, and a molle bag for our winch remote and gloves.

We have also mounted our mobile HAM/FRS radio (BTECH 50X3) base unit to the front overhead molle panel, along with an external speaker and the mic. The reason we mounted it up there is because we wanted it as high as possible so it wouldn’t get fried should we flood the jeep (again) while offroad.

All of our Jeep molle panels are made from aluminum to keep your jeep light, the double powder coated in wrinkle black. This provides a nice, clean and durable finish and will not rust!

Our front overhead molle panel for the Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU/JT is compatible with both the hard top and the soft top.

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