Jeep Molle Panel for the Wrangler JLU Unlimited Rear Corners


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Build for function, our Jeep molle panel for the Wrangler 4 Door JLU’s rear corners add more storage opportunity.

How can you take advantage of the dead space in the Jeep JLU rear corners for storage? One word, “MOLLE”.  The molle panel uses the standard “MOLLE” system, also known as PALS. This system allows you to attach molle bags, molle pouches, and even strap things to it.

There is a massive array of molle products to fit any of your storage needs and because of that, pricing for molle bags, pouches and other accessories are fairly inexpensive.

We use our Jeep molle panels on our JLU Rubicon for a variety of equipment that we hate loading and unloading multiple times a week. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, right?

Here is how we use these rear jeep molle panels for storage on our Jeep.

The left (driver) side jeep molle panel in the rear has our tow strap and tree saver on the outside, then on the inside a couple molle pouches like an extra flashlight molle pouch, and a pouch for cutting tools.

The right (passenger) side jeep molle panel in the rear has two bads on the outside containing socket wrenches, the most common sockets for our Jeep, zip ties, electric tape and other mechanical odds and ends. The inside of the panel contains a molle pouch first aid kit and a pouch containing extra batteries for a handhelds, USB cables and chargers.

Storage space in a Jeep Wrangler is extremely limited but by adding any of our Jeep molle panel solutions, you are gaining storage!


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